Essence Fabric Detergent

ESSENCE Fabric Detergent
Top-selling liquid detergent and lingerie detergent trusted by consumers for excellent quality.  

Because your clothes can be the source of your confidence, ESSENCE has striven to develop and improve products that work best with different fabrics

"Give your best dresses a delicate care in every step. Wash, condition, iron, and be confident that your favorite dresses are in good hands."

Essence Liquid Detergent Delicate Care

The natural cleaning power from "Natural Enzyme"

Essence X-pert Care

Concentrated Liquid Detergent with Fabric Softener

Ale Vera Liquid Detergent

Gentle yet powerful cleaning with the natural plant extract from aloe vela

Musty Odor Reducer Formula

More powerful deodorizing

Essence Liquid Detergent

Black & Dark Fabric Formula

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