Look floor cleaner

Non-Sticky, Fast Dry, Not Damage Surface, Dirt Catching, Prevent Dust back to stick on mop, Good Smell and Safe  with 4  variants

  • Pinky Sweet
  • Lavender Secret
  • Blue Ocean
  • Green natural

For general cleaning:

Mix Look 1 cap (40 ml.) with half a tank of water (four liters), use a wet cloth or soaked mop soaked to wipe over the area to be cleaned without repeating cleaning.

Cleaning tough stains:

Mix half Look 1/2 cap (20 ml.) with water 3 caps (120 ml.), use a wet cloth or soaked mop wipe over the area you want to clean, then rinse with clean water.  If use for the first time, try cleaning on the surface a little earlier.

  1,000ml.(Spray), 800ml. (Refill)