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Kodomo Baby Cream for Baby

Happy & Comfy Moment Touch of Love From Mum to Baby 

“Happy and Comfy Moment" with Kodomo Baby Cream

which are specifically developed for the newborn baby with delicate and lovely scent. 

Kodomo Baby Cream contain various ingredients which are beneficial for the baby as follow:-

  • Natural Tsubaki Oil - Help to moisturize and nourish the baby skin
  • Vitamin E - Strengthen the baby’s skin barrier
  • Sakura Extract - Soothing the baby skin
  • Non-greasy feel & Fast-absorbing formula - For enjoyable and happy moments as the oil is not sticky and easy to absorb 

Kodomo Baby Cream is dermatologically tested and free from Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Lanolin, Alcohol, Dyes, Mineral Oil, Petroleum Oil, Formaldehyde and Steroid. The Kodomo Baby Cream is also being tested clinically that it is enable to moisture the baby skin for 24 hours with suitable pH Balanced.                                       

             Available Size: 50 g. / 100 g.

           Pack Size 24 pcs/ctn

          Packaging detail: English/Thai packaging



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