Systema Toothbrush

Systema Slim TEQ Toothbrush

Systema Slim TEQ Toothbrush

With anti-plaque brush technology from Japan, Systema Slim TEQ’s soft bristles can remove over 85%* of plaque even in the deepest teeth.

Reduce plaque accumulation with ‘SYSTEMA SLIM TEQ’, the latest brush innovation from Japan.

  • V-CROSS bristles, reaches into over 85% of subgingival cavity.
  • Deep cleaning even in the 4 innermost teeth. 40% thinner brush head.
  • Super soft bristles. Gentle to your soft oral tissue.

30% denser bristles for improved cleaning and better feel.

*From laboratory testing by LION Corporation, Japan (after 1 brushing on model teeth set).

Pack Size: Single Pack/Triple Pack




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