1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files which are downloaded to your computer devices or mobile devices to record data and setups such as recording your language setup on your devices, recording your current login status to facilitate your continuous access to the websites and/or applications (collectively referred to as “Services”). Cookies also collect data of you login history when you use your preferred services in the form of file. Cookies do not harm your devices and the content in cookies may be retrieved or read by the services that generate cookies only.

2. Benefits of cookies

Cookies can notify the company which part of the Company’s services you are using so that the Company can deliver better experience that suits your preference. Moreover, record of the initial setup of the services by cookies will facilitate your access to the same services every time you log in unless cookies have been deleted, which makes all setups return to default mode.

3. Use of cookies

The Company uses cookies on its services (collectively referred to as “Services Referring to Cookies Policy”). Thus, when you use any services referring to cookies policy, you will receive cookies from the Company.

After you have accessed the services referring to cookies policy, cookies of the Company’s stock market will be downloaded to your devices to collect data of the pattern of use and history of service use, data or services of your interest, as well as the reference number of your latest access.

Types of the cookies used by the stock market can be divided as follows:

3.1 Cookies for service provision will enable you to sue services and/or access different functions such as cookies for login arrangement and your login status.

3.2 This type of cookies enhances the efficiency of your service use by facilitating you to use services and enabling the Company to know more about you. The Company will use this data to present and develop products and/or services of the Company to suit your interest.

Examples of this type of cookies’ facilitation of your service use:

  • Memorize the status of service use such as selected language

  • Memorize the replies you have given so you do not need to repeat your replies

  • Provide Live Chat service on the Company’s website

  • Provide Social Media function which allows you to share the content of your interest on the social network

To render the above services and facilitate your service use, the Company uses plugin program and third-party applications such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Facebook, and Line.

4. How to deactivate cookies

You may deactivate cookies by setting up your browser and set up your privacy to prevent data collection by cookies in the future (Additional details can be studied from

However, some services on the Company’s website require the use of cookies. If you deactivate cookies some or all functions of the said services may not be able to work smoothly.

  • To give you a better experience, by continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and personal data as set out in our
    Privacy & Policy   Cookie Policy