Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited

Year 1966, Saha Pattana Piboon Co., Ltd. had joint venture with the Lion Dentifrice Co., Ltd. Japan to set up the Lion Dentifrice (Thailand) Co., Ltd. located on Songvard Road, Bangkok. Year 1967, "The Lion Fat & Oil (Thailand) Co., Ltd." was founded by joint venture between Saha Pattana Piboon Co., Ltd. and The Lion Fat & Oil Japan Co., Ltd.  That was Dr. Thiam Chokwatana’s purpose to domestic production Top detergent and Lion powder shampoo instead of importing from Japan.  Started operation on March 5, 1969.


Year 1970, the business expanded the production of Lipon F dishwashing liquid.  And there are other products caming out later such as Pao Boon Jin powder detergent, Q’Lean anti-dandruff shampoo,  Fight stain remover, Pao M Wash powder detergent, Pao Soft – The first detergent with softener  in Thailand.


Year 1979, the business has grown thus expanding production capacity to supply the market, moving production base to Saha Industrial Park, Sriracha district, Chonburi province.


And in year 1980, the two Companies, namely, Lion Dentifrice Co., Ltd. and The Lion Fat & Oil (Thailand) Co., Ltd., merged as "Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited".   Year 1982, the company expanded export business to Japan and Southeast Asia. Business has continued to prosper. There is a continuous expansion of factory at the Saha Industrial Park, Sriracha District, Chonburi province to increase production competitiveness.


The company has developed continuously.  It expanded full production base  to the second plant at Saha Industrial Park, Sriracha, Chonburi.  To increase the amount of production capacity  to meet the needs of the continuous growing market.

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