Green Manufacturing

Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited

Be aware of the importance of the environment.  Nowadays, it is affected by the growth of the industry so the company has developed into the green industry.  According to the Ministry of Industry to promote continuous improvement, including social and environmental responsibility both inside and outside the organization throughout the supply chain.  The company is now certified green Level  4 : Green Culture on July 9, 2019.

There are 5 levels.
Level 1 Green commitment :  Be committed to reducing the impact on the environment and communicating within the organization as a whole.

Level 2 Green Activities : Take action to reduce the impact on the environment has been accomplished with a determined commitment.                                                                                                          
Level 3 Green System : Systematic Environmental Management with monitoring and evaluating and review for continued development.

Level 4 Green Culture : Everybody in the organization is committed to working with the environment in all aspects of the business.  It becomes part of corporate culture.

Level 5 Green Network : There is a network throughout the green supply chain.  By encouraging partners to enter the green industry certification process.


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