Humanized Organization

Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited

Strategies for building  a humanized organization


LION maintains its status as a corporation with capability for development  and known in its leadership and integrity in the fields of household consumer goods in the Asian region.


Conducting Business practices in consumers household goods with the main emphasis on personal development, the development of products and services, and building up the corporate stability through its firm commitments to both management policy and total quality & environmental management policy.


Build goodness in society, Bring good health to consumers

New organizational culture    

Admire good people, Empower smart people

Business development direction

Technology for health in all policies.

Definition of good people    

 People belief in ethics : good thoughts, good words, and good deeds; belief in unity, honesty, and integrity; maintaining own responsibility; and always wishing well to others.

Definition of "smart people"

Well-rounded, highly knowledgeable, and well-trained professionals 

Core value                 

Business with ethics 

Ethical framework for decision-making

  • Action is in accordance with the law
  • Action is in accordance the company’s rules and regulations
  • Action is in accordance with traditional values and customs
  • Action will not likely cause for problems in the future
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