Humanized Hall

Humanized Hall: Business with Ethics Learning Center

Business operations  have been conducted for almost half a century under the strategy of building a happy, stable and sustainable organization, which is a concept deeply rooted in the foundation of the company, a cooperation between the founders: the Chairman of Saha Phatanapibul Co. Ltd. and Chairman of Lion Fat and Oil Co. Ltd of Japan.  Both hold up friendship as the key to helping the business grow, progress, and helping them achieve success together. This is the strength of the joint venture, Thai LION, and has been a matter of interest to organizations both in the private and public sectors, as well as various groups of visitors to the company including students and academics alike.  They have studied the company in an attempt to understand the management of our organization, the results of which appear in a publication entitled “Humanized Organization”.  This is the starting point that inspired the idea of building the Humanized Innovation Hall as a source of learning and providing inspiration to do good for both our employees and the public at large.

The Humanized Innovation Hall is made up of five zones.  Its concept shows the spirit that’s conveyed by the founders to LION people for the benefit of consumers, communities and society. It is a direct reflection of LION’s steadfast determination to do good deeds to produce good work results, a good society, and a good environment, which leads to an improved quality of life for all.  This is illustrated by research work conducted regarding good products for consumers which are also environmentally-friendly and socially responsible.  This is our organization’s core value: doing business with ethics.


Behind the company’s core value: “Business with ethics” is the origin of the establishment of Lion Company.  That is “Friendship establish good business”.  The symbol is two big trees standing side by side so closely that the trunks have joined into one.  This is like the joint investment between Saha Phatanapibul Co. Ltd. and Chairman of Lion Fat and Oil Co. Ltd of Japan.  Both hold up the friendship as the key to helping the business grow, progress, and for both to achieve success together. If the friendship were water, their approach in business operations would be like the fertilizer that helps the trees grow, provide shade and become fruitful.  The benefit then is passed on to the community and society.  It is a legacy of sustainable friendship, carried further with the organization’s vision:

 Lion is a company with a competency in development and competition to become an ethical leader in producing consumer goods in the Asian region. 


“Admire good people, Empower smart people is our corporate culture.  This, combined with our determination to commit ourselves to “Build Goodness in Society and Bring Good Health to Consumers”, has resulted in various projects and activities for staff, trading partners, communities and society.  

The concept of Technology for Health which are consumer health, social health and environmental  health. Under this concept,  the company continuously develops products and creates innovative products  as well as social projects. One example of such a project is the LION Oral Health Award.

This zone features displays and demonstrations of new products.  It is also a center for learning about oral hygiene, with the 80/20 concept, meaning one could still have 20 good teeth at the age of 80.  For this to be realized, one needs to start taking good care of one’s oral hygiene at a young age.  That’s why we have the song “Giving teeth a bath” written for children to learn and enjoy themselves when brushing their teeth.  The lyrics describe how to brush one’s teeth correctly. The song is two minutes long, which is just about the time it takes for fluoride to work on the teeth.

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