Message from the President

On the occasion of the celebration of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand's 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne on June 9, 2006, Lion people assembled together in solidarity in front of our king’s picture made the commitment to be good people with good thought, good words and good deeds.  We shall adhere to unity, faith and integrity.   We shall do things to be beneficial to oneself and to others for the real happiness of the society and the country.

In order to reach our determination, Humanized Organization has been established since then for over than ten years.  Several goodness activities were conducted to promote humanizing workplace culture.  We had touch of the value of ethics which were embedded as a core of business.   The power of goodness made us feel the pleasure of euphoria which maximized working competency like never achieve before.  Each year, our business growth is above the country’s GDP. That result even proved to our confident mission, to produce and service customer for their good health including consumer, society and environment.

The date 29th July 2015 was marked another special day of Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited’s history when announced to the public that we shall together protect our Humanized Organization value to an organization of management transparency.  We shall not advocate and not be given in any dishonest action.  We commit to contribute prosperity serenity to the society and the country with peacefully.

I would like to encourage all employees to determine in holding the anti-corruption policy as standard of life, and inherit to next generations of employees as the living standard of the Company endlessly.    


Mr.Boonyarith Mahamontri
11 April 2018

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