About Lion

Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited

 Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited formerly named The Lion Fat and Oil (Thailand) Company Limited, was established in 1967 by joint venture between Sahapattana Piboon Co.,Ltd. and The Lion Fat and Oil Co.,Ltd. Japan.  “Friendship” is the foundation of success. 


Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited has experience in consumer products manufacturing over 53 years.

Humanized Organization

“Business with Ethics” corporate core value to sustain business growth and happiness.

Corporate Governance

Our board of directors and employees of the organization adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.

Green Manufacturing

Corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability is our responsibility.

Humanized Hall

Business with Ethics learning center : Build goodness in society and bring good health to consumer.


Standard-Maintaining and Continuous-Improvement is our commitment.


Corporate Achievement Awards


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